Throw Back Thursday





I love going back in time and looking at the beginning of my store! Those pages of sales hold some of my favorite items and my favorite photographs! Photo credit goes out to Sarahann Hill (my best friend) & Bayberry Film. This was a lovely day when we carefully photographed the few items that I had in my inventory. She was so patient as I anxiously tried to describe how I wanted my photos to look. Sadly, I have lost my photographer to the distance of some 1000 miles, and even if I had her, my inventory has grown too large for even her to keep up with! But Oh, How I love these little items! All of them are gone from my inventory now as they have found loving new homes.

Let me just brag about my sweet little best friend for a minute! Oh, how I adore her! She has recently graduated from a YWAM program where she spent a few months in training, followed by a few months overseas. She is one of the strongest women I know. Her heart is fully dedicated to the Lord, something I cherish in a friendship and she is as determined as anyone could ever hope to be! She has a heart as big as Texas and as sweet as honey (which just so happens to be one of her favorite things). She is loving and lovely. She is ambitious and ready to take whatever life throws her way. She is loyal and does not allow the pain or trials of the world to stain her heart. She is my bestie! Always there, always faithful. Even when time and space separate us! She has been completely supportive of my journey with Vintage Pod and I look forward to a life time of growth and adventure with this amazing girl at my side!


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