The Art of Thrifting begins with a change in the way that you see things. How you view your finances and how you see the things that you buy. Here is a thought for you. Is something better quality because #1 you buy it new from the store or #2 because of a brand? Do either of those things have to do with the quality of the product that you are buying? Some brands, though you pay more for them and their marketing is incredible, just aren’t that great. Aeropostale is one  of those clothing brands. Though they seem great, their clothes are actually poor quality, their stitching is poor, and their fabric is so thin that after a few washes, you will probably look like a mouse got into your drawer. Also, all of the organic name brand foods that you buy, look for the same organic product in a store brand. You will probably save a bit in the long run. But also, when grocery shopping, dont always go straight for the store brand. Do the math. My greatest gain in grocery shopping has been to take my time.

Here is your tip. next time that you go to the grocery store, take your time. Have a list of the things that you want, need, and like and spend at least an hour doing some research on your grocery shelves. Do the math, see how much things cost per unit (pound, ounce, etc) and then make your decision. Once you have completed your shopping, take one more glance through your cart and make sure that you aren’t “impulse buying”. Most of the snacky food items that we throw in our carts, we don’t actually need. There is an App for smart phones called Grocery Pal, it is an app that gives you all of the sale fliers for the stores in your area. It is great when planning your trip to the store. Sometimes it will even give you mobile coupons.

When shopping in clothing stores, #1 dont do it! It is rare that I buy anything new these days! Mostly because I can find everything that I want or need second hand and normally it is in excellent shape! But, if you must or just like to, test the quality of your clothing. Buy what you know. If you have a tried and true piece of clothing in your closet, buy that brand. Chances are it is a quality line. You may pay a bit more for that item, but if it lasts you much longer than a cheaper (and I mean in every sense) then it is worth it. Also, never, I repeat, never buy clothes full price. You are a downright fool if you do! Even full price at a thrift store is often silly, because they often have deals. Feel free to ask the employees of an establishment when they will be having sales, if their are any online coupons floating around, or what you could do to get a discount. Sometimes they know, sometimes they don’t! The key to thrift store shopping for clothes is knowing exactly what you want, how much you are willing to pay for it, and having the time to look for it. But that is another story, better saved for next time!

Challenge of the day. Go an entire week without buying anything full price. See how much preparation it takes and how you have to budget your time as well as your money.


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