Most people who have known me for more than say, oh an hour, know that I’m a pretty thrifty kid. I hate spending money, but I love the adventure of shopping, having “new” things, and being able to work some variety into my generally boring personality. I am the master of deals. It is my goal in life to pay $1 or less for each piece of clothing in my wardrobe. To spend the least amount of money, but love what I have and to be able to invest my money into other things that really matter. For those of you who do not know, I also own a small, online Vintage and Handmade store where I sell a crazy conglomeration of things that I find interesting. I do this as a full time occupation, and it is growing steadily.  I also do it because I want others to be able to share in the joy of old things made new.

So, Here is your first class in Thrifting 101.

This course will take you through all aspects of life, with a small tidbit every once in a while about how to “save” in life. From clothes, to groceries, to household items,  to auto repair, to…whatever! If I can save money I am going to find out how!

Being thrifty is not innate. Not everyone is born with it. So, if you are not,  you are gonna have to learn. Sometimes it is work, sometimes you just give up. But for the most part,  it all has to do with your perspective. What you think and feel about economics, marketing, and the products that you use every day. There is a huge misconception that you get what you pay for. The more expensive something is, the better. The higher quality is better. And there are some things that stand true in that, but for the most part, with a little bit of common sense and research, you will quickly find otherwise. Being thrifty is about being willing to wait, take your time, and essentially not buy on desire or impulse. It is about changing the way that you think and feel about consumer goods.You have to feel good about everything that you buy.

So, your assignment for today is to come up with a few reasons why you want to be thrifty, other than it is fun! Work on changing your mindset. Do a little research. Look at what you think is important, valuable, and essential, and why you think it is that way. Please, discussions are welcome! Enjoy!

My name is Rachel and this is my blog on Thrifty Business!


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