On the Fourth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me.


On this 4th day of Christmas, I first find it my sworn duty to inform you that for the last 100 years everyone on planet earth has been singing this song wrong. Yup. That’s right. Wrong. The lyrics to this particular day..What are they? I know, in your head you’re going down the list, “Fiiiiive golden riiiiiiings…Four…” What are those blasted words? I bet you are going to say “Four calling birds” WRONG!! You just lost a million dollars. Ladies and gents. Those are not the words. This song was originally written “Four Colly birds”. What the heck is a colly bird?! For that matter, what is a calling bird?! Just some food for though. Hope it doesn’t ruin your Christmas spirit!


Ok, on to your 50% off item today!!! On this forth day of Christmas, I would love to give you a 50% off discount on an item that I recently made myself! An adorable yellow floral clutch. I am in love with this fabric, and I hope that you are too! The code for this lovely bag is FOURTHDAY. The code is only valid on this item, it expires at midnight, and it must be used at checkout when purchasing this item! I hope you love it!!



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