Donations For Rayni.

Wearing Purple for Rayni

On Wednesday the world lost one of the most joyful, beautiful souls I have ever had the opportunity of meeting. Rayni Worley is my hero. After a 15 year battle with pulmonary fibrosis, Rayni went to meet Jesus. After complications during a surgery and two weeks in the hospital in critical condition, Rayni is sitting before the throne of God, praising Him in a way that I only wish I could do now.

For most of her life, Rayni was part of an organization called Rayni Day Miracles. The Miracle Club sought to bring joy and happiness to children with life threatening illnesses without having to worry about finances. Rayni Day Miracles has helped so many children, and in loving memory of Rayni I want to make a donation to this wonderful organization. 50% of all sales made on in the next week will go to the Rayni Day fund. Please help me raise as much money as we can to bless some really great kids! You can help by sharing this blog, my store, and my facebook page. By buying from Vintage Pod. Or by sending donations via paypal to with Rayni Day Miracles in the memo. I would love to have a significant amount to send to this incredible organization, so please, join my cause and lets share some love in memory of Rayni Worley.


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