October Vintage Pod Giveaway!


I am so excited about this months Giveaway! It is this incredible Jewelry box that has been made out of an old book! The book has been hollowed out, leaving the raw edges exposed inside. The pages have been bound together so that it creates a seal. The top inside is lined with lace and the outside features a white ribbon and a large re-purposed ruby brooch that acts as a nob to open the box with! This box is a Vintage Pod original and is the first of many to be featured on my site!

Each box will be uniquely crafted by me, Rachel Chambers, each featuring different ribbons, buttons, brooches, and whatever else I might find! If you are interested in having one specifically made for you or someone special, please contact me here, on Facebook, on my Etsy account, or via email at rachel@vintagepod.com

For details on how to win this specific jewelry box please visit Vintage Pod on Facebook! “Like” Vintage Pod, the photo of this box, and share the giveaway on your wall to be entered for a drawing that will take place Saturday, October 27th at 8pm!


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