75% of my day.

Anyone who has ever met me knows that I LOVE to cook! It is a passion that I have always had, and have always enjoyed. I started cooking when I was tall enough to stand on the tallest stool we had and barely reach the counter. Some of my earliest memories in the kitchen are making blackberry tarts and hot dogs with my dad and Bran muffins with my Grandma. I’ve always loved cooking. I love to make new things and create wonderful dishes. I love to cook my Nana’s famous polish dishes. I love that in my house, if you are in the kitchen, there is coffee brewing. Because, you can’t cook without coffee; It’s sacrilegious! I love the feeling of whipping eggs into submission, or pulling a perfectly golden pie from the oven, I love the feel of sauce coming together just perfectly, or cooking the chicken to pull apart perfection. I also love that I have 5 brothers who are always appreciative of a good cook 🙂

In recent years, I have found some of my favorite tools in the kitchen. And they are as follows!

#1.  A perfect rolling pin. It cannot be too heavy or too light. It cannot be too fat or too skinny. It needs to fit YOU just perfectly!

#2. A pretty platter. A good platter brightens every table and makes your incredible meal, look even better!

#3. A sturdy mixing bowl. In my opinion, no mixing bowl can be too big or too heavy. The bigger and heavier, the better! New fancy ones sport the rubber bottom so as to not slide around, but I prefer a big crockery or glass bowl anyday!

#4. A fantastic mixer.  While some of the newer models of mixers may get the job done a bit faster, I prefer slow and steady to a rushed approach! I love old mixers! They often come with 2 different sized bowls, and some of them can be quite unique!

You can find a lot of these items at www.vintagepod.com and I am always adding to my inventory! I love to see people enjoy cooking, so maybe you can enjoy a few of these items while you partake in a timeless tradition!


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