Taking time.

I am a firm believer in slowing down and enjoying life. I feel that in recent years the world has sped up to an astronomical speed that really, in all honesty, who can keep up with?! We rush around from here to there, doing this, doing that. But we never just stop and enjoy life. We gulp down a cup of coffee because we are lagging and need a boost, but when was the last time you actually enjoyed that cup of joe. The nectar of life. The water of the saints. We rush off to work because we have books to balance or paperwork to get through, but when was the last time you drove the speed limit with your window down and your favorite song on the radio? We wake up to loud obnoxious alarms just in the nick of time to get ready and run out the door. But we never linger to thank the good Lord for the glorious day that we are once again permitted to enjoy and live in. Take a challenge and make time to be thankful, to enjoy life. Being thankful shouldn’t just be about that one day in November when you can stuff your face for no reason and shop at midnight. We should be thankful in every moment. Because we are given the opportunity to enjoy life. So, drink a cup of coffee, spend 5 minutes in the sun, and take life a little slower today. You’ll be amazed at what you discover!


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