Pink Champagne

I am a great believer in celebrating. Whether birthdays, or accomplishments, or personal goals, whatever the event may be, I love having a good time! I believe in rewarding a job well done. I believe in the celebration of life.

A long while back, while feeling like my calling to business was a pipe dream I got this fantastic idea to think about the big picture. To set some goals for myself that seemed extraordinary, but were still goals and dreams of my heart. I decided that one day I would make a million dollars. And upon the making of that million dollars I was going to celebrate well; with pink champagne. For those of you who don’t know. Pink champagne is for the truly elegant. Pink champagne is the those who have a taste for delicate things. After watching An affair to remember with Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant, I’ve always felt that pink champagne should be treasured treat. So, when I came to the conclusion that I would one day make one million dollars, I went out and bought a bottle of this beautiful bubbly drink. I was willing myself to succeed. Willing myself to be a woman who was determined and never gave up.

This week when I made my 100th online sale, I felt like I had made a million bucks. I was filled with such excitement and joy and thanksgiving that I just couldn’t wait any longer! I had to crack it open! And let me tell you, it was delightful 🙂 And well worth it!

So I urge you. Make goals, set a bar that seems unacceptable to the world, and then conquer it. You just might surprise yourself! And don’t be afraid of rewarding yourself a little early!


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