The Joy of Passion

I am so thankful to be back in the swing of things in regards to Vintage Pod! After five long and wonderful weeks in Virginia I was beginning to miss the familiarity of my business. Vintage Pod really is my baby, and not having the ability to do upkeep, go treasure hunting, and mail off precious packages was really difficult! I found myself checking my site numerous times a day just to see if there was some way that I could plug back in long distance. Sadly, it rarely worked! I still felt 1000 miles away. But, I have now returned and I’m working hard to bring you new items every single day! I’m excited for all of the new things that are going to be happening, the growth that is soon to take place! Vintage Pod is my passion and as runs in my veins! I can hardly get through a day without being overly excited about what is soon to come from my heart to your home…


I am so excited to be one sale away from 100 online sales!!! I am so excited that I’m not only going to throw a party for myself, but I’m going to give away some Vintage Pod loot to a few Facebook followers! So, if you haven’t hit that “like” button on Facebook, go do it! Cause that is going to enter you for a chance to win some free stuff. We are only one sale away from you


Also, don’t forget that I am still teamed up with Jennifer Freed and her Scentsy business to give away prizes every month to those of you who enjoy our products! We are dedicated to bringing quality products for you and your home based off of what we love and have a passion for. So, don’t forget to look for our Favorite Find giveaway sometime very soon,  keep checking in to see how you can win some fantastic Scentsy prizes!


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