April Showers

What an eventful week! Congrats to Sarahann for winning our Favorite Find giveaway! We had so many people who were entered in our drawing, and we are thrilled to see that you like Vintage Pod and Jennifer Freed Independent Scentsy Consulting! Thank you!! Jennifer and I are so thrilled to be giving away some of our most loved items, it is our passion to see people participating in our passions 🙂


Just wanted to share with you what I, Rachel, love about Scentsy. I am all about smells. I love the smell of fresh bread, or warm apple pie. I love the first smells of spring, and when the April rain brings everything to a halt with a refreshing scent of pure water from heaven. I love the smell of clean sheets and clean hair. I love the scent of the things I love. Smells trigger memories. And memories are the genetic makeup of life. I love to walk into a room and know where I was when I first smelled something. Right now, my bedroom smells like Beach (Papaya and honeydew sweetened with a hint of coconut) Which is one of my favorites! It reminds me of home. Of being at the beach in the middle of the summer. No make up, hair flying, tan skin, perfectly happy, and perfectly at peace.


Thanks, Jennifer, for supplying me with the scents I love!



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