Truman Heritage Festival

I am so excited for my newest and fast approaching venture as far as my beloved business Vintage Pod! On may 3-5th I will be participating in the Truman Heritage Festival in downtown Grandview! This will be my first open air market, and my first time setting up anything other than my online store! I am excited and terrified! This is an incredible opportunity for my business, but is also a huge step to take on my own. I am thrilled about the potential of launching my career in the Vintage and Handmade world. I will have a little bit of everything up over the course of 3 days, so make sure to stop by, enjoy the festival, and give Vintage Pod a glance at your lovely faces! If there are items up on my site that you want you might want to claim them before the weekend is upon us, as I have no idea what I will have left after the weekend!

Friend me on Twitter (vintagepod) and on Facebook to get real time updates so you’ll know where I’m located onsite at the festival!


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