What is adventure to you? Is it a rush of adrenaline? A daring feat? Is adventure synonymous with the newness of an experience? Well, Yesterday, I experienced a new adventure!  While out on my weekly Saturday Yardsale rampage, I came across these huge red signs for an Auction. with cars wrapped around three blocks, my attention was peaked! I decided to stick around! I got a bidding number, #266! And The auction started. I spent 4 hours wandering around an old, dirty, dusty, cram packed full house! And I came away with over 100 items that I am in love with! I have never seen so much stuff in my whole life! I didn’t even stay the whole time because after 4 hours of following a screaming auctioneer around, you just cant handle it anymore. But, I came away with some great life lessons. Ask, they will give you whatever you want for the price that you name! Don’t get in the way of the lady with the crazy look in her eye. She will run you over, outbid you, and give you the stink eye. But most importantly, have fun! I will most certainly be doing this more often, not only because its good for business, but because I love it. Even if I don’t buy much, being able to wander through someones house and take a gander at all their junk, is one of the most fun things I have ever done!  I love finding treasure! I love finding gems. Gems like 100 pairs of vintage shoes! You can check out all of my new finds at




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