The Joys Found in a Kitchen.

I have always loved being in the kitchen. From a very young age my mom started teaching me to cook. To this day it is one of my greatest joys! I have always loved the creation of something delicious out of often times simple products. One of my absolute favorite things to make is breads. I have long since mastered the art of break making and at one point I did it on the side in order to put myself through an internship. The process of making sometimes up to sixty loaves of bread in a day was one of the most rewarding things I can ever describe. The mixing of yeast and flour and water to make something so delicious and almost vital to life is an incredible feeling! I think being an old soul lends to my love of the kitchen as well. It makes me feel like I am a woman of such great character. To be standing barefoot in a kitchen, often times with an adorable vintage apron around my waist, mixing up something that is wholesome and delicious, that people will enjoy. It takes time, but it is a labor of love for me..Always has been. Always will be.

Adorable Vintage Floral Apron

Find it and many others at

Homemade Organic Honey Wheat Bread Dough!


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