I love to travel. Growing up our family traveled all of the time. We would load up in our huge 11 passenger van and hit the road. We went to Grandma and Grandpa’s, we went to the beach, we went to Texas to visit my brother,we went everywhere. I have incredible memories of traveling with my family. I loved when we stopped for picnics at rest areas, or when we got to go out to eat simply because we were “on the road”. My parents used to let us get those candy sticks from Cracker Barrel. They were my favorite part about road trips! I was taught to enjoy the open road, to enjoy the freedom of going wherever your heart so desires! 


In recent years, I have developed a great love for vintage luggage, look in my room and you see that I actually have a “vanity” made up of about 8 different suitcases. I just love them! Believe me, they are a pain to lug around an airport, but what is more fun than throwing a bright red American Tourister in the trunk of your car and taking off for the weekend? It makes me want some cats eye sunglasses and a scarf  over my ubber curly hair, driving down Route 66 with the top down. All a contradiction of my reality, I have flat hair, no idea where Route 66 is, and I drive a Buick (which in case you didn’t know is not a convertible). But, nonetheless, its fun! So, if you are looking for a great piece of vintage luggage to take you back to the old days, to touch your soul just a little bit, then check out the pieces that I’ve got up on I even have a section specifically for vintage luggage! 





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