It has been said of me for years that I am an old soul. My love of vintage items started at a very young age. I remember loving to dig around in the barns around our house, because I loved the nostalgic feel of items tossed to the wayside for me to discover 20, 30, 40, or even 50 years later. There was something mysterious about it all. There was something that so intrigued my little girl mind as I dug through things forgotten. Most of it was junk, I don’t even remember any of the items I seemingly discovered. But I loved them nonetheless.

One of the things that I have developed a love and appreciation for is quilts. I love the idea of quilts. I love the feel of quilts. I love that so much time, and thought had to go into one huge masterpiece that can be used every day for the simple pleasure of sleeping or snuggling up. I love that each quilt has a story. It has a tale to tell about its colors and design and construction. You don’t just up and decide one day to make a quilt. You decide what room it will go in. What colors it should be comprised of. You decide what pattern it is and what the purpose of that pattern will be. After all of the factors have been ironed out, you carefully cut each piece so that it is just right, so that it fits the gigantic puzzle that you are about to tackle. Then with all of the love and care in your heart you begin stitching each piece together, just so, just perfectly. And in the end, after the last stitch has been made, you have a masterpiece. A creation that has been made with love, stitched with patience, and somewhere, somehow, it tells your story.



To see or purchase this quilt visit http://www.vintagepod.com!


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